About Us

Our story..

For those who have proved them wrong.
For those who know no fear and know no limits.
For those who take action when others hesitate.
For those who are unstoppable.
…For the beast within.

Inner Beast Clothing launched in August 2015, with the purpose of creating a shift in the way our world thinks about fitness, lifting and life. We came together with a simple vision, to put the bullshit aside and remind everyone of what was really important: becoming better than who you used to be. 

With the amount of hate and negativity circulating around, it was crucial to find a way to help others put aside their differences and refocus on why they started in the first place; to change, to improve, and to rise above the mediocre. This thought led to the birth of a motivational fitness wear line with powerful and relatable messages.

When you wear Inner Beast Clothing, you are sharing your story. You know what it's like to face adversity and overcome it. You have turned your thoughts into action, struggles into strengths, and failures into successes. Your story tells the world what you’re fighting for, and your determination to keep moving forward influences others to do the same. In summary, you are bringing it back to what really matters. 



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